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Speaker Information

Speakers. Check your inboxes. 

You should all have received a mail from DataWeekender and your track owner. If you haven't, check your spam, etc, and even check if we have your correct email address on sessionize. If you can't find that email, drop us a mail on

The contents of that email is below, however, the mentioned links are not included and you will have to find that in the email

We are running the event via Microsoft Teams. Each track will have a single Teams meeting that will run all day. You are on Track 4 and the URL for this track is in the links section at the bottom of this email.

I am sure many of you will be familiar with Teams and remote presenting. If you want to read a guide, there is a blog post here

Each track will have at least one moderator, who will introduce you and will keep an eye on any questions in chat and direct them your way. They will be your eyes and ears, report on issues, etc. 
Each session is Max 60 minutes, so please ensure that your presentation can fit into that time. However, we are allowing a 15-minute break between sessions, so if there are chat questions, you can stay on longer to address them in the chat


Please join the track at least 15 minutes before the start of your session to make sure that you can connect, share the screen, etc.

We are running test teams meeting on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The purpose of this is to set up a time that you can connect to test your equipment and use of teams. It is completely optional.

The full schedule is located here

The time of your session should be listed in your local time zone. If you want to double-check, we are running the event from 9 am CEST to 19:00 CEST.  (Central European Summer Time)

As a virtual conference, we, of course, have no speaker meal, swag, t-shirts for you to wear. However, as a suggestion, we are asking you to wear your favorite community top, speaker shirt, etc. This is, of course, optional but for those of you who would like to display your colors while on-screen, please do so. We can offer you an exclusive #DataWeekender sticker. If you would like one, just fill out your address on the link below.

We will create a WhatsApp group for the purposes of managing the track. This will only be for the track organizer, moderator, and speakers. It is optional, but useful for managing the day. If you are OK with this, you can join the group via this URL. 

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